Lindt Event by Ryan Emberley 1


On Wednesday, April 9 (2014), Lindt held an event to celebrate its ‘Chocolate Fashion Design Competition‘ at The Lindt Boutique at The Shops at Don Mills.

The design competition was a joint project between Lindt and the Ryerson School of Fashion.  It featured a handful of Lindt chocolate-inspired designs, which were created by students and judged by a panel of fashion industry experts, including:  Mary Symons, Bernadette Morra, Jeanne Beker, Robert Ott and Lindt CEO Rudi Blatter.  The winner of this year’s prize was Fayann D. Huang and her “Carre de Stracciatella” inspired dress.

The first-annual cocktail event was hosted by Jeanne Beker and featured carefully crafted pairings of chocolate and wine.

Also in attendance:  Kurt Browning, Mike ‘Pinball’ Clemons, and Max & Heather Gotlieb – among others.

Photography by Ryan Emberley