Fandango 2012 by Ryan Emberley

On Saturday, May 12 (2012), Fandango! held its annual fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton on Wellington St.

Fandango!, this year Egyptian themed and dubbed ‘On The Nile,’ raised over $600,000 (gross) to support Bridgepoint Health. In addition, they announced a $300,000 donation from Element Financial Corporation (with President & CEO Steve Hudson) towards Bridgepoint Health’s ‘Life. Changes.’ campaign.

As per usual, Catherine and David Nugent featured prominently.  Catherine, immaculately en thème, mentioned her Egyptian duds were not come-lately, but something she’d had for a while.

Also in attendance: Evelyn & Harry Rosen, former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris, Kevin O’Leary, Ken Shaw, Andy Body & Alan Hanlon, Derick Chetty, Alex Filitatrault, and Mary Symons.

Photography by Ryan Emberley