David Adjey and The Chickery

This week’s person to know is celebrity chef David Adjey, who recently opened ‘The Chickery.’

The Chickery, which uses all locally-sourced food, is located at Spadina/Camden in Toronto’s Entertainment District.



A little about the new restaurant…

DA: We decided to make everything from scratch.  One of my cooks, the first day he started here I said “grab the plums we’re going to make plum sauce.” He said ” I didn’t know there were plums in plum sauce.” We make everything. We know where everything comes from. It’s real, honest food.

Is this the first in a chain of Chickeries?

DA: Yes, I want to grow this (restaurant). I hope that people are ready to take back their food. We run around like crazy and we need foods that are convenient, but we also need food that’s just real. I’m hoping that I can fill that void.  There’s lots of convenient food out there and lots of amazing chefs creating amazing food, but I don’t know if the two have come together yet.

How has the response been?

DA: Gangbusters. Like crazy.  And we’ve done it all through word of mouth so far.

Do you oversee the restaurant or do you actively cook at The Chickery?

DA: Everyday. I cook every day.

What’s coming up for you?

DA: I have a couple of new shows on deck. A travel show, based out of Mexico. We’re taking the resort lizards, you know the ones that sit at the pool all day and eat all-you-can-eat-buffet, and we’re taking them out of their comfort zone.  We’re running them around Mexico on some crazy-ass adventures.  Another one combines my four favourite things: food, girls, fast cars, and rock and roll.  Looks like I’m going to be cooking for my favourite rock stars around the world.


Apropos T.O.


Favourite places, other than your own, that you like to eat at…

DA: La Bettola di Terroni – I sit at the bar and the chef is amazing. He’s from Sicily and he has the best smoked swordfish carpaccio I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I like Paul Boehmer’s place on Ossington – It’s where I take people when I really want to impress them.


Photography by Ryan Emberley