People: Sarah Allen

February 27, 2014
Remedy's Sarah Allen by Tyler Rumi


This week’s person to know is actress Sarah Allen – from Global’s new medical drama ‘Remedy.’

Photography by Tyler Rumi


About you…


How did you get started in acting?

Amazing teachers who let me hide in the drama room during gym period.


Your major career influence?

I had a crush on Patrick Stewart when I was a teenager. I found out that he was a classically trained actor, so I read Shakespeare and went to theatre school. Major career influence: puppy love


Best advice you’ve received?

You’re in charge of your life, don’t use other people as an excuse to not be.


Favourite actor?

Today its Mandy Patinkin

Watch this Q interview:


If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?

I would be a jeweler and gemologist like my Dad.


Something only your closest friends know about you…

I can’t tell you that. Okay fine. I snore. Its not cute.


What’s up next?

Probably a tonsillectomy to cure my snoring




What can fans expect to see in Remedy?

Guts and heart! And maybe even some actual guts and a real heart too.

What sets this show apart from other Canadian TV series?

The tone. It’s like nothing else. It’s a completely new thing.


What’s the one key element to having a successful TV series in Canada?

Enrico Colantoni


Apropos T.O…


A place in Toronto you’d be proud to take people to?

Sunnyside Pool on a bicycle


What’s your favourite restaurant?

Pho Linh, Terroni, Oyster Boy


Your favourite Toronto neighbourhood and why?

Roncesvalles: because its right next to Parkdale, High Park, a pedestrian bridge to the lake, you can hear the GoTrain and smell the chocolate from the Cadbury factory from time to time… and it’s where I live.


Least favourite thing about Toronto?

Winter in April


Toronto resident, other than yourself, who’s making a positive impact on the city?

A. John Campbell- Waterfront Toronto Project

B. Matt Galloway- inspiring Torontonians to love Toronto

C. Adam Bunch- public art, like his Toronto Dreams postcard project, bring a little whimsy to our fair city

D. Jennifer Keesmaat- Chief Planner of Toronto. Believes in creating a walkable city